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Graphic Design

As He (Daniel Selvan) Graduate of Visual Communication, and has been running Dazzle Design Studio for the past seven years, there you can get better visualizing and Designing. He has ventured into Graphic Creative Media like Advertising Agency, Graphic Design, Daily News Paper Ads, Art Reproduction, E-Publishing, and has handled USA, UK Jobs and so on.

We are good at Creative Designing Concept and Bible Concept. You can find us producing mainly Christian Magazine (Tamil & English other Languages*), Calendars, Book wrapper, Banner, Hoarding, Brochure, Pamphlet, Paper insert, etc. And commercial design also will done by us.


Large Scale:
Once the Creative Design is finalised, we have to find a good Printer. As we have associated with GP Golden Prints, (Director: Mr. Arun Andrew, Grand son of the Illustrious VG Panneerdas, Founder of VGP Group.) GP Golden Prints is one of the leading printers in Chennai, with a long history and good reputation. Equipped with advanced technologies and professional expertise, GP Golden Prints is able to offer quality printing services - Total Printing Solutions, to cope with the different needs of our customers. We specialise in producing high quality magazines, catalogues and brochures with exceptional customer service.

Medium and Small scale:
As the people want different option, on different scale, we have ventured into Graphic Access, are the medium and small scale printer, Run by Mr. A.G. Manivannan, Providing the best quality with printed Materials.

Web Design

In order to cope with technological developments, we need have an Online Identity with our web accessing people. We are undoubtedly specialized in designing beautiful, attractive along with customized websites. We are creating mainly Christian, General Website, Web TV Service Website. And commercial web design also will be done by us.

TV Program

Daniel Selvan, has his experience in television media for five years, He is having contact with Media channel people.

Since we were in Television media itself. And have experience in the Television media, surly can provide better quality and price. We have time slot on commercial Tamil television and so on. Those who want to preach the gospel through the television are welcome. And ads between general program also will be done by us.

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